Friday, 2 September 2011

Exciting Times.......

There has been quite alot of activity in the past month. Doing demonstrations for the lovely ladies at the Lutterworth Embroiders Guild on Polymer Clay buttons, Starting back college for my final year eek!, Starting to work with Snibston Discover Park in Leicestershire...... On top of events, workshops and keeping up with stock.
I was so delighted when Snibston Discovery Park got in touch with me. At first is was to supply them with a few of my ranges for there display cabinets. Though after going to see the lovely Andrea, I'm also going to be designing and making a product especially for Snibston. This is to relate to one of there exhibitions in there fashion department. Total excitement and my heads really buzzing! 

At the moment im preparing and making items for the Sandringham Game and Country Fair on the 10th and 11th Sept. Iv pretty much got an event every week up to Christmas now, so its all steam ahead.... 
A few new things that have been made recently.... 
Shetland Rust Wool

Sage and Teal Merino with Wensleydale Locks

Polymer buttons made and being carded

A commissioned hat made from Denim Merino and Teal Silk Chiffon and Silks

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Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Beautiful creations Maria. Such a busy and exciting time for you! All the best xx


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