Friday, 16 July 2010

Future Planning

I think my body's tell me to slow down a bit. So instead of fanatically making things iv been thinking about future plans for the rest of the year.

Now is the time to be thinking about the Christmas Season..... or as I say "Silly Season". What do I need to me making more of or not make! What materials I need and what am I going to do differently this year..... or do I do the same as last year.

Iv still made a few things. These are more of a said I would do them, but not got round to it thing.

This is a holiday bag for my friend Ali. 100% wool felt embellished (from Blooming Felt) with hand dyed fleece for flower heads. Stems and other decoration hand embroidered.
Fully lined with pocket and machine braided strap.

My mother-in-law is helping me with my knitting. I'm really slow at it and still learning, but Chris is a whizz. I think she gets a pair done before I get past the ribbing! Were knitting these fingerless gloves in hand dyed, some hand spun 100% wool. The pair at the top is the wool that I dyed and are still to be finished. Handmade buttons of cause!

I love sitting at night crocheting these. Most of them will be my usual hair clips and others embellishments for other projects.

Ok, I said I was slowing down......... This is for me!

My blogs going to be a bit quite over the next three weeks. I'm going to spend more time with the kiddies as its the holidays. I'm sure ill have loads to talk about when I return..... Happy blogging peeps. x

Monday, 12 July 2010

Exhibition Feedback

What a month! I'm still recovering and feel quite drained by all the work that has to of been done for the exhibition. The feedback from the whole event was wonderful and we all should be proud of ourselves.

This is quite a long blog, but I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces of work with you.

Daisy roots boot!
Jelly fish - they have names, but I cant remember now!

Sea shore

Sea pods

Stephs seed pods hand embroidered piece

Carolyn with her fish tank of fish felted samples

Mid-summer nights dream themed piece

Angela's family line machined embroidery

Goudie inspired, hand stitched and printed piece by Anita

Anne's garden captures

Textural piece

Marilyn's felt and metal combination

Hazels front cover to her felted sample portfolio

Hazels felted vase

Well that's only a small part of the exhibition and the end of year one.

Time to concentrate on my own work and preparations for the busy season ahead!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Yes I did it...... Ditzy Dorisena's home. She obviously gets the penthouse sweet at the top!

Ditzy standing proud!


My other work being displayed.

I'm sorry for the lack of writing, but will hopefully have time to input you all in the next few days.
Also more pics to talk about.


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