Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Fancied doing something different!

These are not my usual techniques, but i fancied doing something different. So here are my latest creations:

Stripie shawl! A combination or merino, mohair and machine embroidery.

My first felted vessel! Merino wool with silk waste threads and touches of silk on the outside on the cream top. Iv also sewn round the top rim to add a bit of detail!

You'll have to let me know what you think.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Continued from "What a month"

Combined pink merino wool with mohair thread on the sides of the lengths.

Purples, lilac's with hints of pink and black merino wool.

My stall at this weeks Wing Hall Fete in Rutland. A beautiful setting for the fete and very welcoming! Thanks for a lovely day.

What a month!

This month has been rather busy. I have made the hard decision to stop making my bath and skin care ranges. At this current time of our economical climate, its not viable. Before anyone panics, yes I'm still making my felted soaps! There so bright and funky that i cant bring myself not too. So its all systems go to get enough stock rolling for my stalls in the other things that I do.

Iv started to crochet, well just flowers at the moment!. I would like to say a big thank you to my Mum D for being so patient in teaching me how to do this.

These are my brooches and a photo of my hair clips will follow at a later date. There rather sweet to brighten up a plain top or jacket.

Buttons Buttons Buttons!!!

These are just a few which have been made over the past week. Some are made for projects and others to card up and sell on my craft stall.

Shawls, Scarfs and Flowers
These are my latest!

A Black, white, grey and turquoise combination of merino wool with silver glitter pieces entwined.

Firer...... Combination of different reds with oranges and brown silk threads intermingled.

Rainbow...... A lovely merino and silk combination materials mixed together. Skeleton leafs have also been felted in the edges of the shawl. Wool from Shunkies.

Rainbow colours combined with different colours of mohair.

All flowers have been made to go with the flowers. Iv cupped the centre buttons to give a sense of depth to the flowers.


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