Friday, 28 August 2009


Iv been addicted to making loads of buttons over the last few days. The oven has been on permanently and more clay has been ordered! Iv been making some for a local haberdashery, whom has kindly said they would make some room for me in there shop for me.

These are used a few of the one's iv made.

These are pack of 10's for anyone who is making cards, jewellery etc.....

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Been Busy!

Since coming off holiday, its been non-stop! Iv been uploading, creating, and updating! I think I'm in a frenzy in getting loads made before my course starts and for the Christmas season.

Bought some flowers!

A florist has opened up in the village, so I went for a noisy and got some flowers.
I rather like them in my felted vase.

Leaf Embroidered Books

Iv finished covering the books that I bought the other day. Iv also found a place where sells them and had a delivery this morning! Oh, I'm going to have fun!!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Yeah for sunshine!

Hoooooray! The sun is out and iv finally taken photographs. (Hung the washing out and taken some more painkillers!)

New Cuffs
I love my handmade buttons on these. Iv also been playing with some velvet that someone gave me.


Leaf Embroidered Books
These are lovely little books that iv picked up over my travels. They have white 150gsm cartridge paper inside them, which is ideal for a sketch book, journal or diary.

Iv needle felted some merino wool and mounted that on handmade crushed paper. Then iv free hand embroidered on organza and a skeleton leaf. A little piece or artwork in its self. I love skeleton leaves as you may of guessed. I feel like there may be more of these being made. I must scout the Internet for some more books!

Friday, 21 August 2009

Im back!

We've had a lovely time, but had to come home early. Iv hurt my back, so we took the easy option and came when the traffic wouldn't be as busy. I'm not a happy bunny as I was going to go the the Fibrefest 09 near Exeter on the way home. I just hope a few of you will go so i can read your blogs..... Please write about it Sara.

Anyway Cornwall was was very inspirational as per usual and I have loads of ideas floating around in my head. Ill just have to wait until I get more mobile.

Here are a few pic's from the holiday. Yes I did get some Christmas cards done! 60 to be exact. Not as many as last year..... the record of 135. But I do have one more child to keep me busier this year.

These are just a few. I fancied doing something different this year and did a gift on the card.

This is not a flattering photo of me crocheting in Megavissey. Whilst waiting for the crabs to decide whether they wanted to be cort or not!

One hour later and this is our catch (two crabs and five shrimps) and one flower finished!

Im off to try and do some more unpacking and to lie straight for a while.

Friday, 7 August 2009

No Light!
I wish the weather would cheer up. I would love to be able to catch a sunny moment to take some picturers of my latest work.

Iv been making more cuffs and experimenting with a bit of fabric with them. Some more Christmas decorations - ballballs! Also small pieces of art work to go on the front of little journal books.

Time out!
Im going to have some time off work with my family. We're all ready for a well earned rest. Hopefully me and the kids can get rid of our colds and feel alive again and my husband can stop thinking about work, work and more work!

I am thinking of making some Christmas cards over this time. Yes, I said it!! I cant think of any other time when im going to be able to make them. I always think if your a cardmaker you shouldnt buy cards unless your completely desperate. From September im going to be busy with my textiles course, working and enless fairs until Christmas. Also I will need to keep my stock going. Mmmm! Think thats a plan starting to happen!!


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