Friday, 21 January 2011

First Batts!

Well iv finally got to play with my new toy........ Drum carder! Up to now iv only had time to do four batts and nothing else! Unfortunately its been a bit of a poorly week for all my family and excitement with my friend announcing her wedding for May (Loads of wedding planning obviously!). My daughters going to be bridesmaid. I'm more excited that she is!

Of cause I had to try a rainbow one, it wouldn't be me if I didn't!. The blue and purple one has silk waste in it and the rest are just Merino. I must admit I'm loving it!! Defiantly a wonderful Christmas and Birthday present..... Thank you hubby xx

They have all been listed on Etsy as iv has a few people asking when there going to be available for buying.

I have a weekend of dying silk organza, chiffon and ponga for my NEC piece. Its pretty much designed. Just a few things to tweak and then loads of sampling needs to be done. This machine embroidery is rather nerve racking, but my tutor is giving me a lot of support. Though I'm not sure whether shes visualising it in the same way as i am. Iv had a lot of "You cant do it like that" and "that wont work". I think I'm to used to felting.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Me mojos back!!

I did a wonderful one to one hat workshop yesterday. It has defiantly kicked me back into shape! Here's what we made........

Wesley's bowler come pixie hat! I think Wesley did really well especially as he hadn't felted before! It was made out of brown Blue Face Leicester with a copper Merino swirl!

You dont normally see pictures of me so here you are!! This is my Oatmeal Blue Face Leicester Floppy Hat, also combining purple dyed scrim and silk waste.

Look what I received in the post!

A lovely package from Aileen.
Aileen has been talking about having some my felted soap for a while, so we did a swop of goodies! I wasn't expecting to get all these lovely goodies! The pendant is one of Aileen's new range and iv always loved her cuffs! The card is also a beautiful touch! Thank you Hun!! xx

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Oooooo its been excepted!!

Iv had good news today, that my NEC project is good enough to be exhibited! Ya!! I also got all the portfolio finished to hand in today (As well as the other two that I was behind with).

I had some professional photos taken of the piece last week and I must admit, it looks affective. I promise these pictures will be the last tease and I want show you anymore until I show you the actual pictures in March.

Iv started to design my next piece for the NEC, which I can say is going to be totally out of my comfort zone. It will involve no wool or fibre! Swearing I know, but its a must and I'm scarred!

Well hopefully I can now make three little pairs of slippers..... that should of been made before Christmas for presents. Unfortunately it got to a stage when I had to say stop and say " Your tied and you need to actually wrap a present Maria!" So I'm hoping to start these tomorrow.

The exciting thing is that I received my Christmas and Birthday present from my hubby! A Drum Carder.... ya, she says!! Iv only had a little play as Iv had to get my college work finished, But hopefully I will be able to have more of a go the start of next when iv court up. Its like having a chocolate bar being waved in front of me all the while. Ill make sure i take some photos of my attempts to show you.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

NEC Project 2011

These are a few snippets from my Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch Exhibition piece for this year. Sorry, I cant show you the whole piece until just before we go to the exhibition (Sorry tutors orders, as its a bit of a secret!!).

It's starting to come together now. Just a few more pieces to be finished and hopefully it'll be finished for next week. Then onto the second piece for the exhibition. Don't faint, but I'm not doing any felting at all for that one. I'm shocking myself.... believe me! Way out of my comfort zone.


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