Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Breathing time....

I have had a very busy two weeks and I have a month before my next fair. Though this wont be a time to sit and do nothing. As my stock needs to built up for the Festive Season and also stock needs to be made for Snibston. 

My final year at college is also going to be a challenge. Its quite nerve racking to think how much work is left to do. We are also going to be exhibiting at the Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch at the NEC, Birmingham again next March. I have no idea to what ill be making this time, but I know it will be mostly hand stitched! Not my strongest subject! 

Here's a few pictures of my latest makes..... 

Aubergine Kerchief with added organza, silks lumps and bumps!

Spice Trail blend from Sara Texture Crafts.... yummy for this time of year!

Plating with materials.....

Olive Merino and Silk space dyed velvet

Wildberry blend from Sara Texture Crafts

Red dyed Blue Face Leicester and silk chiffon

Merino and tussah silk blend

Materials experiment with this kerchief

A style of hat that I cant get aways from.... just love it!

Strawberry shortcake blend from Sara Texture Crafts, with the added splash of chocolate!

Sometimes you get colour bored, so I asked a friends and she picked these colours..... Well done Claire they look lovely! ;o)
Im really looking forward to my hat and vessael workshop at the start of next month..... Im sure ill get a few pictures of the wonderful shapes that my pupils will make.


Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Wishing you a creative and productive month! Love these pieces especially Strawberry Shortcake. What yummy colors!

Fiona said...

Can't wait till the hat workshop either. See you soon.


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