Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch 2011 at the NEC, Birmingham.......

I can now reveal what im exhibiting this year...... Finally, they say!

The Ice Bag will be exhibited on the Longslade Stand near the Catwalk. The exhibits have been designed with snow / ice and the artist Erte in mind. We also have times set on the catwalk for a fashion parade. Though mine is staying on the stand. 

It's made out of merino wool including some gorgous merino, tussah silk and bamboo batts, carded by Sara from saratexturecrafts.com
In the main body of the bag, I have felted crushed lutradur (CS500) into the merino. Hence the bag being slashed at the front to see the CS500.

My wall hanging is a abstract piece of "The Frosted Wood of Narnia". It will be hung in the Fulcrum Stand. This is a Narnia themed walk through area. All the exhibits are hung from the top of the stand.
Its made of dyed Silk Organza which has been heavily stitched to give it texture like bark. The branches have been made out of a textured yarn and stitching. Then its all been stippled with white emulsion to give a frosty look. Ill hopefully get some better photos of it later next week.

Im off on Wednesday to set the stands up and ill be there stewarding on Saturday. (I dont know which stand though. Im hoping to do a stint on both of them!) Ill show you more photos soon of the exhibition and our work later next week.


Fi said...

That looks absolutely fabulous. Makes me want to try an 'art' bag.

Sara Millis said...

Wow... your new pieces are truely amazing! I love how crazy the art bag is... I'm glad those batts came in useful :)
Best of luck at the shows... knock 'em dead!

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

The bag is absolutely exquisite! A real art piece.

Starfish Studio said...

The bag is absolutely stunning. I'm sure it will be very much admired at the show.
I wish I could come to one of your classes - you'll have to do a UK tour!
Kate x


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