Friday, 11 March 2011

Busy is not the word......

Well the year of madness has started and everything has come all at once! Hence me not blogging for a while. Seeming I have taken some photos, I thought I would do a quick post to update you all. 

I have just seen that I have one hundred people looking at my blog now. Thank you very much for following me. In a few weeks, when things have died down a little, ill sort out a celebratory post and also have a little give away! 
March is here and my first big fair is a week tomorrow at Thoresby Park Craft and Country Fair in Nottinghamshire. My stock is still rather depleted from the festive season, so I cant say my family will see much of me this weekend! These are a few flowers that iv been experimenting with. Silk and Merino combined is a lovely type of felt to work with and it gives it a wonderful sheen.

New Flower
Felted soaps have been really popular with two large amounts being posted to Starfish Studio and Mad about Nature. I'm yet to get mine done!

Felted Soap Sent to Starfish Studio
This is a piece of the wall hanging that I'm currently making for the Fulcrum Stand at the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch Exhibition, NEC, Birmingham. The hanging measures two metres by half a metre and its made up of sheer silk organza. Pictures of both my exhibits for this exhibition will be posted hopefully at the end of next week. Sorry its been so secretive! 
Close up


krex said...

Love the flowers....spring is on it's way !

Fiona said...

The new flowers are great. Such summer colours.

Starfish Studio said...

101 now!

Poppy Cottage said...

Can you pass on tips how to make flowers? I'd love to come to one of your workshops but Dorset is just too far away from you. Your flowers really look lovely.

Colette x

Maria Dent said...

Thanks Kate....101!

Poppy Cottage.... watch this space. Im working on a kit for the flowers!

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Good luck with the shows... loving the flowers!

Heather Woollove said...

Maria--the flowers are terrific! I can't wait for the big organza reveal! XXO-


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