Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Been Busy!

Since coming off holiday, its been non-stop! Iv been uploading, creating, and updating! I think I'm in a frenzy in getting loads made before my course starts and for the Christmas season.

Bought some flowers!

A florist has opened up in the village, so I went for a noisy and got some flowers.
I rather like them in my felted vase.

Leaf Embroidered Books

Iv finished covering the books that I bought the other day. Iv also found a place where sells them and had a delivery this morning! Oh, I'm going to have fun!!



Absolutely stunningly beautiful books! I love the leaves in all those different colours!

Maria Dent said...

Thanks very much Carolyn. Much appeciated.

Ampersand Commodities said...

these look very lovely!! im jealous!

Unknown said...

Those books are beautiful! x

claire said...

the books are so beautiful, and the vase is lovely too.

Maria Dent said...

Oh dont me jealous! Thanks very much for all your comments on these items. Just hope that other people like them..... ie buyers!


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