Monday, 13 February 2012

Hello new ideas!!

Iv had a grand sort out over the last few days. Mainly to clear my head from a bout of flu and the other to make way for this years events, which start in three weeks!  As you can see on the right I have booked my year up already with events and workshops. So know is the time to get on with it and get creating! 
I havent been idiol though.... Iv been catching up with college portfolios and Iv started my NEC piece for the Fashion, Stitch and Embroidery Exhibition in March. Also, iv been sketching ideas down and packing away my winter stock for the Spring / Summer (Ever hopeful!) range. A few of the old favorites will remain, but I feel a change on the horizon and I need to go with the times.  
New kits... A big revamp happening here! One flat felting kit and a needle felting kit. Im also looking at home accessories with a retro / abstract feel too. 
My first event is Milton Keynes, which is a new venue for me and so just right for new launches. Watch this space!

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Fi said...

I'll be watching!


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