Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Blimey, where has the time gone!

Well were in to July and I suppose I better start thinking about winter stock. I think I might leave it until I come back off my holiday though. Iv been to some lovely events over the last few weeks and I'm so glad the weather has stayed nice for them as iv been under my gazebo.

Here's some photos to catch you up on a few of my new items.

Autumn flower and leaves

Flower and buds necklace

Tulip garden tote bag

1920's style orange poppy hat


Poppy fields no 2

Dyed Blue Face Leicester wool with a scrim poppy flower.

University of Leicester Botanical Gardens Open Day at the weekend.
Holiday Time!
Please note that Creative Bumble Bee will be closed from the 14th July to the 1st August. Orders and workshop confirmations will not be sent out till the 2nd August. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I'm hoping to take my watercolours with me for a bit of time out...  Ill post some pic's when I get back.

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Fi said...

Lovely stuff. When's your next hat workshop?


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