Saturday, 12 February 2011

Not a lot to show.....

Just a question ..... Is this year going to quick for you too??

Unfortunately I haven't had the best of months and Creative Bumble Bee has suffered because of it! The whole family has been suffering will illnesses. Iv been quite lucky, but iv been the one to look after everyone.

Orders are coming in for bulk lots of felted soap for Starfish Studios and Mad about Nature.

I have started my wall hanging for the Fashion, Stitch and Embroidery Exhibition at the NEC. The wall hanging is going to be exhibited with other hangings from our group on the Fulcrum Stand. My bag that Iv also made for the exhibition is not going on the catwalk now. Its going to be exhibited on the Longslade stand instead. Which I prefer as anyone can see it anytime! More details on the exhibits will be posted in March as its still hush-hush.

A sneak preview of a sample...... as I said before no wool in sight!. 

These are some little slippers I finally got round to doing. 

And all of my dates for this year have been confirmed. Its going to be rather busy this year!

Iv also made the decision to change one of my workshops. Instead of being a specific thing to make, I'm opening the workshop for pupils to make one of the following... 

Bag and Flower

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Fi said...

Can't wait to make my slippers - not long now!


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