Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Oooooo its been excepted!!

Iv had good news today, that my NEC project is good enough to be exhibited! Ya!! I also got all the portfolio finished to hand in today (As well as the other two that I was behind with).

I had some professional photos taken of the piece last week and I must admit, it looks affective. I promise these pictures will be the last tease and I want show you anymore until I show you the actual pictures in March.

Iv started to design my next piece for the NEC, which I can say is going to be totally out of my comfort zone. It will involve no wool or fibre! Swearing I know, but its a must and I'm scarred!

Well hopefully I can now make three little pairs of slippers..... that should of been made before Christmas for presents. Unfortunately it got to a stage when I had to say stop and say " Your tied and you need to actually wrap a present Maria!" So I'm hoping to start these tomorrow.

The exciting thing is that I received my Christmas and Birthday present from my hubby! A Drum Carder.... ya, she says!! Iv only had a little play as Iv had to get my college work finished, But hopefully I will be able to have more of a go the start of next when iv court up. Its like having a chocolate bar being waved in front of me all the while. Ill make sure i take some photos of my attempts to show you.


Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Hope you get time to enjoy your carder now! I got my soaps today and I LOVE them! Perfect colours : ) You know my tastes so well! My daughter loves them too and wants to use them both at once lol. I have your parcel all wrapped ready to go. I'm sure you won't mind waiting a day or two to save me the three mile round trip walking on ice. I can wangle a lift maybe on Friday : )
Can't wait to see all your creations come Spring time. And a piece without felt or fibre! How intriguing. I can't remember the last time I made a fused fabric picture as opposed to a felt one. The fibre has me seduced! I suppose I work in phases. Major felty phase at the moment.....and the sheep of course!

Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) said...

I hope I can visit the show again this year.x

Fi said...

Looks tantilising and really good. I wonder if I can get to the NEC this year. It's such a trek from Norfolk.

BroadviewInnovations said...

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That kind of creation by you amazing. Market will love this and according to your Post, i love to read and watch this kind of creation.


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