Saturday, 25 September 2010

My First Hat

I have had a arge for ages to make a hat. This week Iv been reading and watching Andrea Graham's blog. Andrea is a very inspiring felt artist and she's been making hats all this week. So I decided to make one for the chilly winter events.

Here's the template that I used and my hat. It did start looking like the sorting hat out of Harry Potter, but I changed it a bit!

It was made out of Merino wool and added pieces were dyed scrim and sari waste. It start off too big and I will defiantly cut down my calculations next time. I must admit iv really enjoyed making it.

Oh and thank you very much for all your kind comments on mylast post - colour reflections . I'm glad that you found it all interesting and useful.


Kim van Waardenburg said...

looks great!!
Seemas liekw e are all in a ht mood:) I finally made one too last week. Also a wish- to- do list project:)

Fi said...

I'm just working up to making a beret tomorrow. Must be something in the colder weather. That hat is amazing. What did you use as a block? I've been trying all the bowls in the house for size!
Thanks for your comments re the flowers I'll try and get some wire to try to make stems.

Joan Kirton said...

Hi Maria,
Welcome to the hat making bug. Your hat has a lovely whimisical look....just my style. Watch out ...hat making can become very addictive :)

Mariana said...

that is a very cool hat! great job! I think I've made only a few hats since I started with felt and the funny thing is that I do like hats... should take it up!


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