Friday, 27 August 2010

Cherry on top award....

A big thank you to Twiglet for giving me this award and her kind words.

There are 5 rules for accepting this award :
Thank the person who forwarded the award to you.
Display the award on your blog.
List 3 things about yourself.
Post a picture you love.
Tag 5 people who you'd like to forward this onto.

So 3 things about me -
I like to be colourful.
I have two beautiful children.
I never stop!

Picture I love -

Brother and sister love!

There's so many blogs that I read..... here's just a few of whom I love.......
  1. Dog Daisy Jackie always has beautiful and inspiring work.
  2. Aileen Clarke Crafts Aileen takes me to a place I love and make wonderful items.
  3. Andrea Graham Andrea is an inspiration to all felter's.
  4. Florcita Marian's fibre and ceramic blog / work is always colourful and delight to read.
  5. Saras texture crafts What would I do with out Sara!


Twiglet said...

Isn't it funny how crafty folk are alike -I follow all of those blogs too!! What a lot of clever people there are out in blogland!!

Jackie said...

What a lovely post, lucky people to have been in your class, and thank you for the compliment and the tag. I've done these things about me so I'll direct you to a previous post!

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Thank you Maria : ) I love Jackie's blog too and Sara's. Enjoyed having a look at the others too : )

Sara Millis said...

Oh hey you... thanks hun! Anything for you!!

This is a nice thing to come back to... I shall set up my entry.


Mariana said...

Thank you thankyou!!!! took some time, but I am here!
that picture is sooo cute!


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