Friday, 16 July 2010

Future Planning

I think my body's tell me to slow down a bit. So instead of fanatically making things iv been thinking about future plans for the rest of the year.

Now is the time to be thinking about the Christmas Season..... or as I say "Silly Season". What do I need to me making more of or not make! What materials I need and what am I going to do differently this year..... or do I do the same as last year.

Iv still made a few things. These are more of a said I would do them, but not got round to it thing.

This is a holiday bag for my friend Ali. 100% wool felt embellished (from Blooming Felt) with hand dyed fleece for flower heads. Stems and other decoration hand embroidered.
Fully lined with pocket and machine braided strap.

My mother-in-law is helping me with my knitting. I'm really slow at it and still learning, but Chris is a whizz. I think she gets a pair done before I get past the ribbing! Were knitting these fingerless gloves in hand dyed, some hand spun 100% wool. The pair at the top is the wool that I dyed and are still to be finished. Handmade buttons of cause!

I love sitting at night crocheting these. Most of them will be my usual hair clips and others embellishments for other projects.

Ok, I said I was slowing down......... This is for me!

My blogs going to be a bit quite over the next three weeks. I'm going to spend more time with the kiddies as its the holidays. I'm sure ill have loads to talk about when I return..... Happy blogging peeps. x


Twiglet said...

Well - you deserve a break from blogging!! I love everything on this one - what gorgeous handmade goodies. Those little crochet flowers are fab! Have a fun time with the kiddies!!

Jackie said...

I love the bags. It is awkward isn't it to be thinking of the autumn when its not even been summer yet. (Well not here anyway)


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