Thursday, 18 February 2010

Sunshine Award

A big thank you to Deborah Younglao at Silk painting with Deborah Younglao who has nominated me for the Sunshine award. Iv been very privileged to of received this award twice.

Please take a look at Deborahs wonderful and colourful silk paintings. There an absolute delight to look at.

As I have already nominated people for this award before.... I would like to reminder you of these people and I hope that you enjoy there work as much as I do.

Love Stitching Red
Saras Texture Crafts
The Funky Felter
Paper and String
Dog Daisy Chains
Bugs and Fishes
The Rainbow Room by Clara Luna
Made in Lowell
Kayla Coo
Aileen Clarke Crafts
Felting in Fibrespace
Elizabeth Armstrong

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