Saturday, 3 October 2009

Happy International Day of Felt!

Just thought I would quickly say "Happy International Day of Felt!

Things are rather on the busy side at the moment and im sorry im not blogging as much. Im doing a C&G course in Creative Textiles Techniques, which is taking up my spare time!! Also doing loads of fairs and trying to keep up with my stock. If I do anything new, I promise to shoe you it.

Well im off to make some felt for my next project for the course..................


Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

I'm just on with making some felt hearts, how apt! :)
Good to hear life is keeping you busy. x


Good luck with your course hope you enjoy it. It would be nice to see a piccy now and then :o)

Sending hugs

Maria Dent said...

I will, know worries!!x

Liz Smith said...

Wow, a whole day for Felt! That's fantastic! I hear you on trying to keep up with production...we can do it!


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