Saturday, 21 March 2009

Mothers Day!

Well its the night before mothers day and I have finally finished making the rest of the pressies. Must admit I have cheated with the cards but in sure the pressie will make up for it.
Im liking my new flowers with the polymer clay button centre. It adds something different.

This is my mums.


Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of your work.
I love all your work.
My name is Katherine, live in New Zealand and I met you in flick
I'm starting on the felt, because I find it wonderful.
Now I'm trying to do my first flowers for my mother, who is in Chile.
I wonder if you can help me?
I can not get are like flowers, to buy merino wool boot normal, now I'm trying to wool silk, but there are still fat as a sphere.
My English is not good, I apologize if my message is clear.
Thanks and congratulations I admire your work

Maria Dent said...

No worries Kathy and thanks for your lovely comments.

As for the flowers you need to shape them - slightly felting the circle first, then pick up the felt and grab the centre of the flower and make a cone shape with the rest of the felt. Twist it so it looks like a sausage. Roll centre if the circle (end of the sausage which is closed) on your mat. This will then felt that end into a point. When you open the flower it will have shaped in to a funnel, ie like a flower.

I hope that you understand this. Happy experimenting!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for helping me!
You're so good and kind, thank you very much.
Hare you tell me tomorrow and as soon have my result back here to tell you.


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