Monday, 10 March 2008

Where has the time gone!

It doesn't seem nearly two weeks since i last posted, so I'm sorry for neglecting you all.

My Mothers Day card!

It's lovely, thanks chick! - in mummy's words!

Well i had a lovely Mothers Day. I got taken for a meal on a steam train at the Great Central Railway. It was a lovely day and the scenerie was wonderful. Fully recommend it!

Hubby and daughter tucking into there starter.

Race for Life update

The group has decided to walk im afraid as we're a bit on the unfit side. Me and Holly (the dog) have been taking long walks. Iv been and bought a pedometer and im amazed at the distances weve been walking. Up to know i have raised £157.00, so thank you to all that have donated.

Things have been really bizzy in the CBB household. Iv been preparing for my next fair (first of the year), making sure i have enough bathing products, labeling is done, creams are potted etc.

It's the first time iv really taken all my felting to a fair, so iv had to re-organise my table to accommodate it. Iv had a trial run and after the fair, ill put a picture of it on the blog. Iv gone for height!

So what have i been making!

New Bags:

I love this bag! It's so bright! All wet felted with stitching to finish it off.

My daughter's choice of colours for this one...

Wet Felted with a needle felted button and flower.

New Rings:

Wet felted roll.

Needle felted flower, in dark red and gold.

Needle felted flower, in light pink and gold.

Wet felted roll.

Wet felted roll.

New Brooches:

Wet felted roll, with brooch fastener.

Wet felted roll, with brooch fastener.

Wet felted base with needle felting detail. It reminds me of the sea.

All will be avaliable on the website.

Well im off to prepare some more things for the fair - you can never have to much!

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thefunkyfelter (a.k.a. Shalana) said...

very cute felted items! I like your color choices :) Also, thanks so much for putting my funkyfelter blog on your list of fav's. I appreciate that! I'm sure that I'll be checking back in with your blog (& flickr) now that I've found you :O)


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