Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Been Bizzie!!

Sorry iv not been on for a while. The weeks seem to be going so quickly!
Iv been quite bizzie over the last week and these are the items that iv been making. (Should i say the finished ones!)

Hand Bags -

Sun burst underarm evening bag and a hand held bag - i must admit these picture's dont do them any justice! There alot brighter in colouring.

Another new range you say!!
Felted rings... These are really fun and i love them.

There's more to come ...

Another set of hair slides on my new backing cards.

Iv also had the sewing machine out! Or should i say i broke my sewing machine and have had to borough one... Things never last for long!

Iv made some bunting for my stall to make it stand out a bit more. So if you see it you'll know its me.

Im not all that great on making things out of fabric, but it's not that bad.

Craft fair news! - Im on the hunt at the moment and have been given some info on a few for the summer and late year. So please keep a look out for new posts on my website and blog.

* Im going to be at Oadby Sainsbury's on the 15th March with my craft stall. This event has been organised for the Sports Relief Charity. So please come along and support the charity.

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