Monday, 29 November 2010

Sandringham weekend!

Blimey...... The past week has been a nightmare. First all of my family have had a nasty bug, I was on a big making session all week (Not fun with two poorly children!), Then I get it!, Driving down to set up fore Sandringham I forget loads of things and have get my friend to bring them down for me (Keilly your a gem!) Then............ SNOW and half the amount of people come to the show! Ekkkk!

Never mind I'm back now and can share some photos of the weekend with you.

Stall photos!

It was rather nice in the evening!

Snow....... :o( It defiantly gave the Christmas scenic effect!

Keilly from Mad About Nature on the next stall to me. It was Great to have Keilly and Sue next to me. Handy for the loo stops is well! Cheers guys xx

Lovely yummy products!

Gosh my hands are suffering this year..... Yes I know I'm a felter and soap plus water is involved. I applied this all weekend to help them out. Fab stuff Keilly!

There are a few more photos on my phone, but not yet to sort them so ill show them later.

My next event will be my last for the year.

The Contemporary Craft Shopping Experience in Wark. Iv got a few orders and things to make for this event and then its time to wind down. There again I have a list as long as my arm to get through to make things for family and friends. May be ill wind down on Christmas eve!

Keep warm everyone xx


Fi said...

So sorry I couldn't get over because of the snow. I was really looking forward to it as well. See you in Feb.

Jan said...

How dedicated you are and feeling poorly too well done ,I will see you in the summer Jan xx

Annie said...

Your stall looked really fab. Our craft fair was affected by the snow too :-(
A x

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Your photos are lovely. Could do with some of that hand stuff! Mine are so dry and rough just now.


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