Sunday, 18 October 2009

Pressy for my friends new home

Iv felted and embroidered this picture for my friend. Iv called it sun and sky. Hope she likes it.

I used wool, silk, silk velvet, organza and hand dyed cotton.
The picture doesnt do it justice!!


Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

Oh wow that's too cool, I love it! I'm sure your friend will too. X

Cytel said...

Your art is beautiful, I am certian your friend will love it. I do :)

I was reading through your blog and I think we are on the the same wave length. I too have a ton of projects all over. Felt between sewing machines. Paper projects on the coffee table, angels without wings.... Aprons without strings. Ah the Holidays brings out the crafty in me.

Happy crafting!

Maria Dent said...

Thanks both of you. Crafters are never tidy ;)
Hopefully ill be able to get ship shape after the christmas rush!

Maria Dent said...

Oh by the way she loved it!


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