Monday, 3 October 2011

My very first waistcat!

At last iv got round to making my first waistcoat. It has been made for one of my units for the creative textile course that I'm doing. My theme was sea shore / pebbles.

I made it yesterday and it took me 6 hours! But I'm sure when iv made a few more it shouldn't take that long again. 

Materials used were natural oatmeal and brown Blue Face Leicester wool. Alpaca and Merino spots/ pebbles. Dyed Scrim and Silk Velvet.

A few more hats have been made also...... 


Colette said...

VERY nice!! It would have taken me about 6 weeks!!

Fi said...

Will you bring it on sunday to show us? See you soon. So looking forward to the workshop.

Senna said...

Very beautiful hats in nostalgically style and color. I like especially the very feminine hat in rose, very nice form. The jacket is very well done and with the color accent it looks alive. Best regards Senna

Heather Woollove said...

Your waistcoat is wonderful and I think 6 hours is quite quick for a big project like this (note to Maria felt someday!!)
Happy New Year!!


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