Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Back off holiday and off to Sandringham....

We had a lovely holiday, though cut short has my little lad had the chicken pox. He was rather poorly so we came home early. Though this gave me the time to have a good sort out in my workshop and get straight before cracking on with loads of making. This weekend I'm going to be at Sandringham for the Craft Sculpture and Art Fair. Really looking forward to getting back down to Norfolk.... even though it was only two weeks ago since I was down there. I should live down there, maybe when my hubby retires. I have a long wait for that though!

All sorts have been made and here are a few pictures of items that will be at this event. 
Another burgundy poppy blue face Leicester hat

Cupcake Shetland pincushions

Tulip garden bag

Hand dyed wool felt made in to bunting

Blue face Leicester hat with teal chiffon and silks

Dyed blue face Leicester hat with patterned chiffon and silks

Blue face Leicester hat with dyed rainbow chiffon and silks
Im travelling tomorrow so I must get off this and get finishing off!



Wow - your hats are amazing. Hope the Sandringham day goes well for you.

Fi said...

Will miss you at Sandringham as I am in Edinburgh for a few days. Loving the hats. Can't wait till October when I can make some at the workshop. Can I make two?


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