Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Easter!

What a lovely Easter it is too. My children off school and playgroup playing out in the lovely weather. Iv had my table out too trying to do some felting! 

These are a few pic's form the last month.....

My spring / summer style stall. This was at Oakham last week.
Iv got so used to having a 12 foot table, setting out all my things on a 6 foot table was a nightmare. Knowing what to put out and what not to was heart breaking. You just want to show everything! 
This is my Royal Wedding carnation brooch. Just had to have a go!

Hand dyed merino brooch

I do love a bit of hand dyed scrim and Blue Face Leicester together!

Iv been meaning to do some bangles for a while and finally got some made! These are made out of a combination of merino variegated wool and tussah silk. Iv made loads more colours, just need to photograph them.

Mmmm turquoise is defiantly one of my favorite colours and I'm really liking this one!

Again I added scrim.... my addiction at the moment! A nice little bulbed purse.


Another hand dyed merino flower made into a poppy. 
Tomorrow and Monday I'm off to Sywell Aerodrome for the Pennine Fairs Easter craft event. Its one of my favorite venues, just because of the Art Deco Hotel. Its a lovely building and takes me back to my childhood, watching one of my favorite movies Xanadu. Anyway loads of things need to be finished off and more flowers need to be made today.

I hope you all have a wonderful holidays and receive loads of eggs or Easter pressies.

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