Monday, 18 October 2010

Whilst im hurting!

I thought I would have a moment in front of the computer and write a up date whilst my back recovers. Unfortunately I have a slight cold, sneezed and hurt my back. Its what I call a birth wound from having my son. I damaged some disks in my lower back and they don't like any sudden movements. So I'm not a happy felter!

These are a few up to date photos -

These are my small purses and some felted soaps that Iv sent up to Starfish Studios in Johnshaven, Scotland.

Also this was my stall at the weekend at the Victoria Rooms in Oakham. It was a lovely fair and well attended.

I was next to some wonderful jewellery made by Nadine at The Moon Up Above. The detail of her work is superb.

Yesterday I made this....

Yes! A hot water bottle cover I thought with the cold nights coming I would have a go. Its rather snuggly to cuddle!

Well im off to see what I can do!


Fi said...

Hope your back is better for Sunday. That hotty cover is too good to hide in bed! See you soon. xx

Twiglet said...

Hope your back is soon better - your little felt purses are lovely.

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Ooooh your back sound sore. Have you tried Craniosacral Therapy? It's never too late after birth to give it a go. Re aligns everything.
Your felt purses and soaps are beautiful! Lovely to think of our items on show together at Starfish Studio.

Sara Millis said...

I hope your back starts to ease up soon. Loving your water bootle cover!


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