Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Yes...... two in one day! Lol!

To my amazement......... the Handbag and Flower Corsage has been very popular and is know full. Iv been asked to put on another one, which hopefully I will do in the new year.

I have decided to put on two more workshops before Christmas. (Well we are half way through the year know! Ekk!)

First the Cozy Scarf Workshop on Sunday 24th October, in Enderby, Leicester. We'll be making a scarf something like this.......

....... or we could add in spots, tassels, different shapes, the list is endless!!

The second one is The Christmas Stocking & Angel workshop, Sunday 14th November, in Enderby, Leicester. This is were we wet felt a stocking and needle felt a angel! Something to put some lovely pressies into and a decoration for the tree.

Sorry there's no picture of the stocking. I haven't got round to making one for a picture yet!

Since talking about the workshops iv been asked to do some talks and workshops for local Embroiders Guilds next year. It's quite exciting!!


Fi said...

I am so looking forward to the wokrshop. Glad it's so popular.

Maria Dent said...

Looking forward to them too. I love passing on my knowledge! It'll be good to meet you.


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