Friday, 28 August 2009


Iv been addicted to making loads of buttons over the last few days. The oven has been on permanently and more clay has been ordered! Iv been making some for a local haberdashery, whom has kindly said they would make some room for me in there shop for me.

These are used a few of the one's iv made.

These are pack of 10's for anyone who is making cards, jewellery etc.....


Unknown said...

Yay for buttons! You can never ever have too many and making them is so much fun.
Congratulations on having them in the haberdashery.

Maria Dent said...

Thanks Vicki. I totally agree!! lol! Just finishing some rainbow ones. Thought I needed some cheering up...... Theres nothing like a stint of button making and fab colours to go along with it.

Oh, my friends just buying a ninja off of you..... the cheque lady that cant get on paypal!! Lol Computers and she dont go! Take care sweet

Ampersand Commodities said...

buttons buttons buttons! you can't beet them, they all look great!!

Maria Dent said...

Thanks very much sweet!

Greenpixey said...

I've had a look around your shops but cant find the buttons for sale anywhere...
Have I missed something or are they all sold already? =)

Maria Dent said...

Hi Greenpixie,
No you've not missed anything - dont worry!

There is a message on my website saying that Im yet to sell them onlime.I sell so many at fairs that I cant keep up with the demand sometimes! They will be put online after christmas.

Are you looking for certain ones? If so I can organise a paypal invoice for you and send them. Most of my buttons are on my flickr and if you put a * in the comment box, ill know which ones your interested in. They range from £1.50 to £5.00.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards


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