Saturday, 14 March 2009

NEC, Hobbycraft and Sewing for Pleasure

After breaking down on our way on Thursday, we finally got to the NEC on Friday!
The show was very good and i would say slightly larger than last year. It was better as they had incorparated the Sewing for Pleasure into the Hobbycraft. Alot of different things there this year - wood turning and a gardening section.

We met this lovely lady "Birdy Heywood" who makes fabulous jewellery and figures out of polymer clay. Very inspiring lady and she was very kind to give and and my friend a pendents that she made in while we were watching (about a hour!). I have just to polish it and ill put a photo up when iv finished it. "Thank you Birdy for your great tips and knowledge". This is the link to Birdy's website.

Silk paper and felt artwork has definitely become popular over the last 12 months and there was more being exhibited this year.

Another exhibitor was Kim Thittichai from also
Kim is a textile artists. Working with heat tools such as soldering irons, heat guns and household irons can add texture and variety to textile work - whether it's hand embroidery, machine embroidery, quilting or felting. She also has written a book called Hot Textiles. One to definitely get!!

Oliver Twist was also there with there lovely silks, felts and threads. I did have a plastic moment in there!!

I'm was very impressed with my 4 month old baby boy, who was a very good boy throughout the whole day. He definitely liked the attention from the ladies!!

I'm off now to look through my goodies and start experimenting!

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