Friday, 8 February 2008

Welcome to my first blog edition!
I hope you'll enjoy reading what is happening in the life of Creative Bumble Bee (CBB) and keep coming back for more!

Life before
October 07, before CBB was born.... I dont think my feet used to touched the ground! (though i cant say they do know!)I used to be a Complementary Therapies Lecturer at a local FE College, part owner of a Hairdressing, Complementary Therapy and Academy Salon, is well as being a mummy and a housewife. I thought it was time to look at what i was doing in my life and seeming there were elements which i could'nt control i thought i would take a career change!

I now have a few days being a busy mobile Hairdresser and Complementary therapist and have more time with my little one. Inbetween I make soaps, creams, bath products, jewellery, do felting, make some cards etc. So im still busy... but i enjoy it!

Well thats enough of me and more about CBB!

A good start to the week!
Over the last few weeks iv created these picturers and iv got them framed and finished off today. All three pictures are going to be exhibited next month in a annual Art Exhibition at for Active Arts, Countesthorpe College, Leicestershire. I hope you like them!

There all made using the wet and needle felting techniqes and then finished off using hand and machine stitching. for more detailed look please see my flickr site on my links.

Iv also been felting some of my handmade soap - there lovely, you dont need to use a flannel, they exfoliate naturally without scrapping your skin! Plus adds a bit of colour to the bathroom...

Well im off, going to make a yummy Pear and Chocolate Meringue from the Jamie Oliver Book iv recommended. Special treat for hubbies birthday!

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Anice said...

Your pictures look beautiful. Best of luck with the show.
Anice xx


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